You can tell all the persons you have contact with, about our group and our mission.  You may not have the time to help now but another person may have available time, now.  A person you tell may have the resources and/or skills we need.  Our group needs many persons to be effective.
Gene Michaels is looking for other persons, like you,                                who want to help move the homeless off the streets, and from the parks, into a                                  permanent shelter.  A shelter program with all the services needed to allow them to find their way back, to being productive citizens, .....or be provided the essential services needed for those with special needs who are unable to generate an income on their own.
You can be a server on one of the food lines where the homeless can have a meal, often after a free shower and/or you can provide some of the food to be served.  You can ask your employer or any organization to provide the food.  You can invite members of any group you belong, to help.
You can tell us what skills you possess that can be used, like the high school student who is providing us with his artwork, to be auctioned for income to help the homeless or the musicians who are willing to perform at a concert being promoted to raise funding. You can help us schedule a dance at your school with admissions going to the homeless programs.
You can tell government officials about the ways we can change the homeless problem to less of a problem.  You can vote for programs that can change the homeless problem to less of a problem.
If you can afford to, you can give cash from your wallet.  There is no age limit!
You can join our FaceBook group to get the latest activities and opportunities to help. You will NOT be expected to help. You will only see opportunities.  You can post messages and ideas. You can start a discussion or brain storming event. Click on Follow Us